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Social Media Marketing

Taking your company's voice and blasting it all over the place so everyone can see just how cool you really are. Making you the social kings of your industry!

Time to Get Social, its here to stay!


Social Media is the fastest developing way of representing your brand online, through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and LinkedIn. It is a great way of networking and building business.

Using Social Media we can drive the right kind of traffic to any source you wish: to your blog, your website or a targeted landing page. We can use all the platforms, or just a select few, to generate interest in your product or brand, and to create new leads and contact lists.

We'll work with you to identify which social platforms are right for your business. We'll Look at your target audience, your products and services and your ethos. Then we'll advise you on which tools to use to reach out and engage with the people that matter to you. This may be a single platform, or it may be all of them.

Let us help you develop a social media strategy that is right for your business, our level of involvement after that is up to you.

Integrate your Social Platforms


There was a time not so long ago when managing your social network meant logging into a bunch of different accounts, writing a bunch of different posts and articles and then submitting them individually. Not very efficient and a major turn off for businesses managing their own social strategy.

The great news is, we've come a long way since then and there are a whole heap of tools out there that allow you to create one post or article and send it to a number of different social networks in one go. This means less drain on your time and better reach with less effort. The challenge now is choosing which tool will best manage your social network for you. We've been involved in Social Networking from the start so we can help you there :)

Social networking integration isn't just about making posting more efficient. Its also about getting smarter with integrating facebook, twitter, flickr etc into your website giving your users more interactive ways to connect with you.

Content is King. Relevance is Queen.


"Content is King" has been around for a while with Google advocating it as important in ranking well in Search Engines. However, in practice much content is very poorly written and lacks relevance. It is written purely for ranking.

Social media is all about people seeing your content and liking it enough to either click through to your website, buy through your social network or just get in touch. Poorly written content will kill your readers interest and if its not regular and fresh, they won't be coming back for more.

It is crucial in today's social information age that you post regular, well written, interesting content online. One of the biggest "No Nos" is banging on about how great you are and how everyone needs your products. In social terms this is the "Me Me Me..." approach. We can help you create good quality content that is designed to keep your visitors interested in coming back.

How we can help you with Social Content

  • Writing regular articles
  • Scheduling article posts
  • Hot topic industry news
  • Adapting existing articles for uniqueness
  • Guest and Speaker Posts
  • Identifying the right social networks
  • Identifying the right management tools
  • Setting up your social profiles
  • Creating analytics to measure performance
  • Data reporting for decision making
  • Social Integration into websites
  • Sign ups and calls to action
  • Link architecture between social and website
  • Analytics tracking through your website
  • Version updates for website widgets

Social Media Consultation

Analysis - Solution - Implementation


Understanding you and your time

Understanding your industry and products

Analysing your competitors

Profitable keyword identification

Matching the right tools to you

Analytics for Performance measuring


A One Time Fee


Setup accounts on key social networks

Adapt logos and create banners

Create two initial content articles

Integrate social widgets onto website

Optimize initial content for SEO

Set up base analytics


from £50 per month


Regular update posts to networks

One fresh article per month

Ongoing competitor analysis

Ongoing keyword research tracking

Administer social accounts & posts

Regular reviews on performance

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Websites should deliver results

At Page One Of Google, we aim to give our customers straightforward service – from flat-fee pricing with no hidden charges to jargon-free communication. Through every stage of the website development process, our designers goal is to always provide you with certainty and reassurance. Our web design consultants are experts in translating your thoughts and requirements into an effective commercial marketing tool.

These days, every business owner knows you must have a polished website presence to attract and connect with consumers. But for most independent small businesses searching for a solution, the choice is between a do-it-yourself amateur undertaking or a risky and expensive ongoing project. The middle ground rarely seems to be an option. That's where we come in.

We are a consultancy that wants to make the experience a good one for you and so we promise we'll put together a package for you which fits your need, your budget and your timescale. If we feel we can't meet any one of your needs we'll be honest and let you know. We'll even help you find an alternative means of achieving your needs. We also understand how important it is for your website to produce results. Traffic without sales is just window shopping!

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Our Latest Works

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    Congratulations on achieving what you said you would, getting our site to page one of Google. You have worked hard to optimise the site in a competitive market-place, up against huge competitors with big budgets, making your work even more impressive. I am particularly struck by your straight talking, no nonsense and business-like approach to what seems like a "black art" to non technocrats like me!


    Terry Tompkiss,
    Prestige Conservatory Blinds


    You understood exactly what I wanted, challenged me when appropriate giving me great advice in a language I could understand and produced me something that I was delighted with first time. It is unusual to find a web designer that can both design a great website together with being a great wordsmith – my website not only looks great and is easily navigable, it sounds/reads well too.


    Lucy Brownsdon,

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