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About Us

We want to help you understand why we are your best option for web development; why placing your trust in us will pay off for your business.

  • achieving profitability
  • working in partnership
  • marketing strategy
  • social media integration

About Page One Of Google

We don't operate like your typical web design agency and that's because we weren't conceived in the typical way. Our founder has a background in Business Development and therefore his interest isn't in designing sites, its helping customers make more money. Simple we know but there you have it!

You see, typical web agencies are run by designers or developers that love to create cool looking sites with awesome functionality. Often though, they miss the point; that much of it is unecessary extravagance that you are paying for. We will only ever sell you what you need and what is relevant to winning you more and better business. We still do cool but we don't waste it.

  • Sites are built to deliver performance improvement and convert more visitors into customers.
  • You won't pay for what you don't need. Our advice will always have you business at heart.
  • We work in partnership with clients. As we help you grow, you help us to grow. Its win win.

Web Design & Marketing Services we offer

Web Design

  • Clean, logical website structure
  • Best practice coding & optimisation
  • Link architecture to improve rankings
  • Responsive to work on various devices
  • Ongoing support for post live

Social Media

  • Identifying the right social networks
  • Social Integration into websites
  • Setting up your social profiles
  • Creating analytics to measure performance
  • Data reporting for decision making


  • Writing regular articles
  • Logo design & Image Editing
  • Product, event & venue photography
  • Analytics tracking through your website
  • Brochures & Leaflet Design
Andy Hughes - Managing Director



When the website you build yourself, performs better than the one built by a pro, there is a message there! That's what happened to me. For a few years I built and ran my own consulting company website which performed pretty well and ranked nicely on Google's page one. As I got busier, I enlisted the services of a professional web designer to rebuild my site for me, whilst I was busy supporting clients. Imagine my concern when my website dropped from the rankings and traffic plummeted. When I started to investigate, I found that the designer had coded the site poorly and there was no optimisation at all. Now, at the time, I knew a little about optimisation and coding from building my own site so I set about learning what I could and fixing my site. Before long it was ranking well again and traffic was coming through nicely.

The whole experience though, made me question quite how this sort of thing could happen when the designers were supposed to be professionally qualified people. I also realised that they were coming at web design from the wrong perspective. It should be about business development and growth and therefore required a business consultancy approach before embarking on design. The more I turned it over in my head, the more I realised I had a lot to offer this industry based on my business experience and my web design and marketing skills.

So, Page One Of Google was born, to help unsuspecting customers get the right advice and support for their website design and marketing. Advice that is based on helping your business grow, not showing off our design talents. If I can make my website perform better than a pro by just applying common sense and the things I've learned as a Business Consultant, then I'm pretty sure my company can help you in the same way. Our ethos will always be "putting your business development first".

Our Skills

HTML5 80%
Wordpress 60%
Photography 76%
Social Media 89%
Web Design 68%

Why Choose Us?

Whilst gorgeous looking design is a must, its not the biggest driver of website performance. What is it they say "a pretty face with nothing upstairs soon wears thin". For websites it's a similar situation. You can't just offer a good looking design and then not back it up with good content, structure and coding.

We turn the traditional model of web design on its head. We start with the end in mind; who are your customers, what are their buying habits, who are your competitors, is it B2B or B2C, what will customers need to do on your site? All of these questions help us to understand what is important and essential in your website design needs. The gorgeous stuff is the new frock and makeup that makes everything look glam!

Many web sites that have been built with funtion over form have done extremely well, largely because customers can get what they want easily, quickly and complete the process efficiently. I have clients who have come to me, with a fantastic looking site which they have blown all of their budget on, only to find they are sat waiting for the phone to ring and the inbox to fill up. The good news for you is that we will only ever recommend things that will believe will contribute to driving traffic and converting visitors into customers.

It's peace of mind, knowing that once you're project has gone live, we still have your back. There are no contracts around the number of hours we'll support you or conditions that tell you when you can call us. We're not that kind of business. We will always be at the end of the phone to support you with questions and put your mind at ease regarding concerns you might have with your site or marketing plan.

You can call us or email us Monday to Sunday and we'll respond at the first opportunity. Don't get me wrong here, if you want extra work doing or something that isn't part of the agreed project, we will have to charge you for it. Just like you, we're in the business of making a living. However, that said, we're not going to charge you for every conservation and question you might have about your project or things you're considering doing.

We see the relationship as a two-way partnership where we support you in growing your business and in return you stay with us and recommend us to others. We're after a win/win arrangement.

In 90% of cases, a web design agency will attempt to do all of your work themselves, even when they don't necessarily have the skills or knowledge. It's the old case of "say we can do it, then worry about how we're going to do it later". With us, we have a core team who have their set of skills and knowledge. For work outside of our skill set, we have gathered a network of leading developers, designers & marketeers that we know are among some of the best in their industry in the UK.

Why do we operate like this? Because we recognise that sometimes we, individually, may not be the right person for your project but we can still manage things on your behalf and find you the very best people. You don't pay a penny more but you get the best for what you need. It's a bit like wanting to become an Electrician and having the top Professor of Electrical Engineering as your expert supporting you. I've had experience of the web designer who tries to do it all themselves and it rarely ends well and usually costs you more time and money.

More people are searching and viewing websites on devices such as mobile phones and tablets. I foresee a time when desktop computers become a thing of the past. So it is important that your site is designed to work effectively and look great on these mobile devices. That is why, from 2013 we switched to a "Mobile First" design approach. All sites and marketing is now aimed at mobile phones and tablets first and then expanding up to be viewed on PC screens.

This is a complex process in itself because there are so many different browser platforms such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, which all render sites differently. Also, different operating systems require different elements such as swipe screen, scrolling menus and touch sensitive features, making it a design minefield.

But that's not your problem, it's ours. You just need to know that we are taking the right design approaches that will allow your customers and visitors to access your site on as many different devices as they choose to use.

Just check out our portfolio to see the kind of work we've been doing. Look at the sites on different browsers or on different devices to see how well they perform. All proof that our design capability and attention to detail is spot on.

At the bottom of each page you'll find some testimonials which also give you a flavour of what our customers think of us.

If you are considering the need to optimise your website for Google or Social Media then once again, we can prove that we are more than capable of supporting you. We have clients ranking within the top 10 positions across a number of industries for multiple search terms. Along with this we have optimised social posts for facebook and blogs in order to improve searchability and rankings.

We have been involved in SEO right from the very start optimising learning everything the hard way from trial and error with our own sites. Over the years we've built up this knowledge and skill supporting clients in achieving page one rankings on Google & Bing. SEO is crucial for any business that doesn't utilise other formal sales channels as their dominant lead generation method. SEO is also different from design in that it is not a one-off project. It is an on-going piece of work to try and outrank your competitors and keep a high placed listing.

Social Media is a massively growing means of sourcing traffic and connecting with customers. You can now communicate with your customers little and often, keeping their interest alive. The fight is now for "likes", "follows" and "shares" in order to spread you corporate message and promote your brand.

Social Optimisation is very intensive as you need to regularly post updates, write articles and share content in order to attract followers and build your fan base. Over the years we have built our own systems that allow us to write and post articles and updates much quicker than you would typically be able to.

If you run a small business, typically from one to ten people, then we are perfect partners for you.

We have been there and got the t-shirt with regards to websites and optimisation. We learned for ourselves the hard way through being a small business, operating regionally and having very little budget to spend on websites and SEO. But we managed it, why? Because we understand the needs of small businesses.

Some years back we were challenged very publicly for using "templates" in some projects. The challenge was along the lines of "a real designer would never use templates and should code websites from scratch". My response to this challenge was to compare the amount of time taken to develop a site from scratch versus utilising a template and dropping a client's content into it. The fact is that "Pete the plumber" doesn't care whether his site is a template. He just wants a site that is cheap, up and running quickly and doesn't look like someone has just designed it in two minutes whilst sitting in their bedroom playing an xbox!

As a small business, I guarantee that you will pay upwards of £700+ for a website coded by hand and the result will be an ok looking website that is made up of static pages and that all look pretty much the same with minimal interactivity for users. With a template as the basis, we can give you functionality that we would typically have to charge you hundreds of pounds to code in by hand. Functionality that will mean your pages look gorgeous and interactive to keep your visitors interested. We save hours and hours of development time using templates as the basis for design saving you money, time and giving you a site than would knock the equivalent "hand coded" site out of the park!

It's just another reason to use us, because we think smart and have your best interests at heart and your pocket in mind.

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Our Latest Works

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    Congratulations on achieving what you said you would, getting our site to page one of Google. You have worked hard to optimise the site in a competitive market-place, up against huge competitors with big budgets, making your work even more impressive. I am particularly struck by your straight talking, no nonsense and business-like approach to what seems like a "black art" to non technocrats like me!


    Terry Tompkiss,
    Prestige Conservatory Blinds


    You understood exactly what I wanted, challenged me when appropriate giving me great advice in a language I could understand and produced me something that I was delighted with first time. It is unusual to find a web designer that can both design a great website together with being a great wordsmith – my website not only looks great and is easily navigable, it sounds/reads well too.


    Lucy Brownsdon,

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